About Amancay Nahuelpan

Amancay Nahuelpan was born in Canada and grew up in Chile. He has been working as an Independent Artist for more than 5 years. In 2006 he published Hijos de P, a noir genre comic, winner of the Chilean Professional Institute’s Fantasy and Comics Festival Award for Best Artist and Best Series in 2007.

During the years 2006 - 2007 he worked for Caleuche Comics, an Independent Chilean Publisher, and for the horror web comic site Mortis.

In November 2008 he entered the Zuda Comics Competition with Hijos de P, in May 2009 he entered with the comic Clandestino, and by October 2009 with the comic A Polar Nightmare.

In May 2009 he started working with writer Casey Seijas on Duppy’78, a Graphic Novel to be published by Com.x in 2010. Amancay graduated from the Catholic University of Temuco with a Major in Interior Design.

He currently lives between Chile, Canada and Spain.

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